Monday, December 08, 2008

Not in NYC

It's December 8 and I'm not in New York City. I've broken a long tradition.

For many years (most of them with Heather), I would go to Strawberry Fields on December 8. I would take flowers for the mosaic and stand with many other people, most of them tourists.

There would also be one gentleman who made a small tribute with pictures, flowers and candles. This tribute on this day seemed to be the highlight of his life. I think of that poor man today and wonder if he has any life outside of Strawberry Fields.

That's not what John would have wanted. He didn't want to be an Icon with a capital "I" - he was just a regular bloke who had talent and causes.

Instead of remembering the day he died, my new tradition will be to remember his causes - His Cause for Peace. That someone who called for Peace and for The World to Live as One should be taken during the holiday season that represents those values is ironic - and still very sad.

And so it is Christmas...


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