Monday, December 01, 2008

Christmas in Rough Economic Times

I really never had this problem with Heather. We certainly weren't wealthy. But especially after the divorce, my daughter realized that money was limited. She never asked for designer jeans - the big thing in the 80s - never expected more than what I could afford.

But what about when she was younger?
She was never a get-me-give-me-I-want-kid. I've thought about this and I think it was because deep down she knew that we (then I) always put her first. Maybe she didn't need "things" to make her feel special.
Not long ago I asked her just what was it that I did "right" in raising her.
"I never had a TV in my room. We always watched programs together."
And we always watched the commercials together, too.
Recently a parents group requested the toy companies to dial down their ads because of the poor economy. That seems to be backwards.
It's not up to toy companies.
It's up to the parents.
Try watching the commercials together.


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