Thursday, November 06, 2008

Reality Check

Worried about something at work, I was up early this morning, trying to get on my work email from home. I discovered that the password I use has been changed or eliminated - now the only way I can get my PennMed emails is on my work laptop and near a PennMed router. Ohhh-kay. So I'll just leave early to get to Orangeville early (almost 2 hours away) where I can get my work email and do before my morning meeting. All of which I could have done in my pj's at home since I was up early because I was worried about work...

Well, you see where this is going...

It was early in the morning and I needed a reality check. I opened my front door to get the paper. It was a warm Indian Summer morning, the sun not yet up and the dark night clouds still opaque against the sky. The leaf covered grass was just a few steps away from my doorstep and, unconcerned about the dampness left by a morning shower, I stepped, bare foot, off the concrete stoop and onto the ground.

The grass was soft and wet on my bare feet. Warm night breeze swirled around me and rustled the few remaining leaves on the tree in front of me. I looked up and saw the nest - small and compact- sitting in the y of the tree's limbs. In the spring I would have a front row seat to new life. An Indian Summer morning had given me a gift of spring.

Feeling better about the coming day, I walked back inside, remembering there was more to life than work...


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