Monday, October 20, 2008

No Politics....

Not in this post. Just gratitude.

I love my new apartment and my "new" life.
I didn't realize until I'd moved just how much my old place looked like a "dungeon" (Rich's words) and "cave" (Pattie). On Greenwood Ave. I couldn't open my drapes, couldn't keep my blinds open because anyone on the sidewalk could look inside.

Now I have large windows. My bedroom faces east and the large windows open onto a large lawn, giving the cats views to lots of cat-watching activities. I have an enclosed, fenced-in, private patio with grass and I can grow anything I want without worrying that someone will pull up my flowers or throw away potted plants.

Everyday I come home I am filled with gratitude for my new home.
It was a month of hard work on my part - packing and carrying and unpacking (which I'm still doing). But it was more than worth it.

I am a very happy girl -
For that I am very thankful.


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