Sunday, October 12, 2008

Why No Guy?

That's not what a friend actually said, but the inference was there. She didn't hurt my feelings because the answer is, right now, one of choice.

It's been four years since the break-up with Mark. It doesn't seem that long ago, yet sometimes it seems as if it's a lifetime ago. I've done the thing and even ventured into eHarmony territory; but all of that was really half-hearted. I guess I'm not really that "into him" - whoever "he" would be.

I'm no longer hiding behind a virtual wall of books and using reading and writing as an excuse for "not being in the world". My new, wonderful, non-cave-like apartment is bright and cherry but it's still my refuge.

And maybe I'm just wary - and weary.

Next week I'll be at the Indian Museum powwow - maybe an older American Indian with white streaks in his long black hair - or maybe not.

Contrary to what modern movies and old fairy tales say, I don't need a he to complete me.


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