Friday, October 03, 2008

McClellan's in Afghanistan...???

One of Palin's many mistakes last night was getting the name of the General in Afghanistan wrong. McClellan?
Oh, heavens, Sarah. I hope NOT.
McClellan could have won the Civil War after Antietam by following Lee across the Potomac and finishing off the Army of Northern Virginia. He didn't and President Lincoln eventually relieved Little Mac from command.

So, I certainly hope McKiernan, not McClellan, is our general in Afghanistan. I know age leads to experience but a 150+ year old general would be ridiculous.

She doesn't know American history, the Constitution or even Senator Biden's family history.

And if she wanted to identify herself with this "Joann Six-Pack" (this six-pack being nonalcoholic beer), she should have known all three - I do.

I realized I'm more ready to be Vice President than she is.
I just don't want it.


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