Thursday, December 04, 2008

Something I noticed...

I stopped at a mall near Bloomsburg on my way home yesterday. I was searching for a blouse and it seemed that Sears, Penny's and Bon Ton had only sweaters. But that's not what I noticed.

What I noticed was the age of many of the sales clerks. They were old - not 50 or 60 - older.
Men and women.

It bothered me as I walked out of the mall with only one very small purchase. I hoped that the sales clerk didn't have to work, but deep down I knew better. Then I remembered seeing older men and women working everywhere - fast food restaurants, diners, grocery stores.

And then I wondered if that would be me.
As much as I want to retire and write full time, I know that is a fantasy. My last writing check was for $200 and that was months ago. Even with social security, my downsized 401K and Medicare, retiring for me may now not come at 65 as I had once hoped.
But how much longer can I be a nurse? I can't physically be a bedside nurse. And for what I do now, even with limiting my driving, how much longer will I have the energy to keep up with the changes in technology and regulations.

Will I be one of the older women standing in Sears, asking shoppers if they want to fill out an application for siding? With my back problems could I stand long enough to do even that job?

I know many seniors work because they want to, but more are working because they have to.

Without a "significant other's" second income to help me, I may be one of the seniors who has to.


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