Sunday, February 01, 2009

Scary Times

I've GOT to stop watching CNN and reading CNN/
I was even on the CNN/money gallery last week. It's seems I'd answered the question, "What would you do with an extra $500?", so well they wanted to use my answer picture. I, stupidly, agreed. My answer was something like: I would give 100 to an animal shelter, 100 to my daughter and save the rest.

I gave the $100 to the animal shelter last week anyway - without the $500 stimulus money. I figured their species didn't get us into this mess...

But still it's scary out there.

Everyone tells me that, as a nurse, I'll "always have a job." Maybe, maybe not. It's not that I don't feel fairly secure in the job I have, but you never know what's going to happen. Things can change quickly. Physically, I could never go back to bedside nursing and most administrative positions require a BSN or even an MSN. Long ago I decided not to pursue an advanced degree, I wanted to use my time for other interests - not as if nursing had ever been my first choice.

But in this economic climate, it seems to have been a good one. If I went back to bedside nursing, it would have to be part time - I would need a day in between shifts to physically recuperate. So even then, I may or may not earn enough to support myself or work enough hours for health insurance.


And what makes it even scarier, no one has my back. My daughter would try, I know. But I wouldn't want her to deny herself for me. There's really no one who would help me out in an economic crisis.

I am in the group of citizens that is becoming a large part of those living below the poverty line:
older, single females.


Maybe that's why I hoard change.
Maybe that's why I'm using every senior discount I can and clipping coupons.
Maybe that's why I'm putting money into a 401K and a savings account each pay.
There's no one to catch me IF I should fall.


And yet I gave $100 to an animal shelter.
I believe, above all else, that what you send out to the Universe will return to you.

So maybe there will be a soft place for me to fall....
Maybe it's not that scary, after all.


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