Friday, February 27, 2009

Trying Too Hard?

Living on borrowed time...
I'm no longer middle-aged. There aren't too many 122 year olds walking around (or wheeling around) out there. I use my senior discounts. I am on the downhill side of the mountain.

And so I'm working harder than ever on my writing.
1. I'm sending a short story to Woman's World
2. I sent Elizabeth Peacock and the Body on Abbey Road to an agent who requested a partial
3. I sent an erotic novella to an editor who requested a full
4. I'm writing two different short stories for two different contests with the hope of being in two different anthologies
5. I registered to go to RWA National - a 2000+ member/author conclave in July. Ah...Washington, D.C. in July
6. I'm going to Deadly Ink conference in June
7. I'm going to the Writer's Digest conference at Book Expo America in NYC May and will stand in line for 10 minutes of an agent's time. I've done this before - speed dating for agents - note to self: go to the bathroom first and maybe you can stand in Donald Maass's line for longer than 30 seconds.
8.I'm going to Mystery Writers of America symposium in NYC in April
9. I'm going to PLRW's workshop and GLVWG's conference in March. I have an agent appointment at GVWG to pitch my memoir.
10. Oh, yeah - I'm writing a memoir.

And I work full time and travel for my job - driving myself across the state.

Do I want to get published?
What the hell do YOU think?


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