Sunday, March 29, 2009

Good News/Bad News from the Last Week

The time from last Saturday (PLRW's workshop with Jonathan Maberry) and today - Sunday - has my brain and my soon-to-be elderly body on overload.

Jonathan's workshop was energetic and he filled my sixty-one year old brain with great ideas.
I worked on some of those ideas the next day.

Monday and Tuesday found me back at my "day job" and the usual long term care, not enough census, we use too much agency, and we get too little money angst that creates.

Wednesday I was off to the PADONA conference in Hershey, PA. I treated myself to a room in the Hotel - beautiful and friendly. This conference had the best workshops of all the PADONA conferences I've attended (many) and my brain and notebook are full of things that I want to initiate and remind and in service and advise - things, I'm sure, will lead to more of the above angst.

I got home from Hershey Friday at 5:30PM and immediately took a shower and got ready for the Greater Lehigh Valley Writer's Group conference. I attended a 7PM workshop with an editor and then networked during the cocktail party. By 8 AM I was back at the conference (luckily in a hotel just a mile away from home) for a full day of workshops, networking and more informational overload.

The Good News: I have a request for a full manuscript of my paranormal mystery from an editor and a request for my memoir proposal from an agent.
The Bad News: I go back to the Day Job tomorrow.
The Good News: I have a Day Job.
The Bad News: I'm pooped!
The Good News: I get energized by these conferences and writing - even on the work for the Day Job.

Actually, there's only good news.


Blogger Lisa Tomarelli said...

WHOO HOO on those bits of good news! SOOO psyched for you!

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