Thursday, October 27, 2005

Living with Cats

One morning this week I decided to rearrange my home office - just a little. I can only rearrange it a little because I have this big hulking desk U-shaped desk that was a great idea in Staples but a bitch now.

My main objective was to move my LexMark printer/scanner (a great big old boxy thing) off one side of my desk and put it on a small table on the other side of my monitor. The printer has spent its entire life on a part of the desk right under the office's only window. The printer has spent its entire life being the stepping block for cats who wanted to get into the window. I was tired of blank paper coming out of the printer - the result of unplanned . . . uh . . .well . . . I guess you could call them cat scans. Yuck - yuck.

Anyway, I used a whole morning rearranging printer and computer (becasue I wanted everything to be on one side). I cleaned off my desk (well, most of it), vacuumed and dusted.

I was quite proud of myself until the protesting began. Oh, there were the soft mews and the reproachful looks - nothing drastic - just the very very subtle signs that I had disturbed THEIR world.

My older momma cat, Miss Kitty (nicknamed Miss Shitty for her personality - loving to me and only me), could not manage the stretch from desk to window sill. She's 16 and feels it in her little cat joints. So I made some accomodations that would make the ADA proud.

This is Murray - on the crate (with comfy pillow) that replaced the printer. The blanket next to him is for Miss Kitty to take her naps.

I'm a sick woooo-man.


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