Saturday, October 15, 2005

Which Book?

I have a dilemma - which book do I start to work on?
I've given myself a goal - get one done before March and grab and agent appointment at the PLRW/VFRW Workshop in Reading. I’m writing two novels: "The Change" and "Elizabeth Peacock and the Body on Abbey Road."

The Change: A mainstream novel about three women from different backgrounds who discover that, as they reach menopause, are developing supernatural powers. Each has experienced events that have led them to women’s center where they met, learn each other’s story and decide to take revenge on the men who betrayed.

Elizabeth Peacock: A first person novel – Jessica Fletcher meets Kolchak the NightStalker (the original). A widow who needs to find a job but dreams of being a reporter and keeps getting caught up in paranormal experiences that are also being investigated by almost-retired Police Detective Dan Reno.

I love both concepts and all the characters. But unfortunately there is also the novella: The Dragon’s Vow. This is a paranormal romantica that I’m writing in hopes of Ellora’s Cave publishing it. A hereditary witch must keep her identity a secret or suffer the fate of her mother – being burned at the stake. However, there is another secret that she doesn’t know – she must remain a virgin because she’s been betrothed to the Laird, a shapeshifting dragon. If she loses her virginity, there will be no marriage and the Laird has vowed to destroy the village, as the dragon, and lay waste the surrounding land to revenge the curse the old witch placed on him.

Decisions – decisions – decisions.

I guess I’ll just have to work on them all.


Blogger Penelope said...

They all sound great to me.

Good luck.

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