Friday, October 07, 2005

Off to a Writers Conference

Pattie and I are on our way to New Jersey Romance Writers Conference today - considered one of the top writers conferences in the country - no matter what genre you write.

A note about "romance" - it's not bodice-ripping and it's the largest part of commercial (meaning the authors get paid advances and royalties) fiction. So no snickering. I've learned more about ficiton writing since I joined Romance Writers of America, than I learned in any other organization. One of the top RWA member-authors is Jenny Crusie with a PhD - so there!

I love writing - as you can tell by the number of entries here.

But NJRW has become a jinx to me: Last year I received requests from agents and editors for manuscripts. Back at home I called my BF to give him the good news. He seemed to be less than enthusiastic, almost as if he wanted to get me off the phone. I called him back and the rest is blog history - we broke up because he couldn't decide if he wanted to or not. That sent my "writing for submission" into a tailspin and I stalled out. I am trying to come back - writing wise. BF-wise: I've decided I don't need or want one of those enigmas.

So this year - I ain't talking to no editors or agents - no appointments. I'm enjoying the conference and being with writer-friends.

And enjoying some quality time with my sister - we certainly need it.


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