Saturday, October 01, 2005

And so it continues . . .

The New York Times today (October 1, 2o05) reports that the Bush Administration's buying of news is considered propaganda and therefore a violation of a ban on such government activities.

All I can think about as I read this is: We impeached Clinton for lying about an affair. And we are letting this bunch continue to run our country. Where is the public outcry? Where are our "leaders"? Are people so afraid to be labeled unpatriotic, that they are not speaking out on the flagrant misuse of power that has been so evident since GW was elected?

We listen to the incoherent testimony of the former president of an Arabian show horse club and FEMA head to the radioed rascist remarks by a Bush the Father cabinet member and we are still silent.

We have become a country of wusses, allowing our rights, our dignity and out pocketbooks to be stripped because we are afraid to speak out against such outright malfeasance and stupidity. We are afraid because the crooks and incompetents are wrapping themselves in the flag and carrying a Christian cross (all other religions beware). And everything this administration has done, has been unpatriotic and very, very, very unChristian.

I will continue to blog my outrage and I will continue to vote for a competent and caring government.

I hope that wherever I am in 200 hundred years I will be able to read history's view of this administration. The Age of Incompetents. Or as I like to say: The Age of A--holes.


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