Friday, September 23, 2005

"Situation Wanted"

"Cranky old woman willing to sit on a patio, deck or in a living room, reading with a cat on her lap."

Any interested employers are requested to please respond to the comment section of this blog.

Background: Avid reader, avid writer, lovely woman (aside from the “crankiness”), great mother, good friend, was once a good girlfriend/companion. Loyal (ask my ex-husband) and honest (see the “cranky” comment). Kinda chubby, but still cute – looks great in red but wears black a lot. Good listener – someone who others seek out for advice.

Work history: Spent the last 40 years (3 in education and 37 in actual work environments) doing a job she didn’t want. Now wants to spend the next 40 doing something she loves

Salary Requirements: Make her an offer – hopefully one she can’t refuse.


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