Sunday, September 04, 2005

The Web of Life

I should really post this on my other blog, the one dealing with “spiritual” insights; however . . .

All life exists in a web. This I believe. If you disturb one part of life’s web, another part – sometimes at a great distance from the disturbance – is affected, maybe not immediately, but eventually.

The greatest nation on earth invaded a country whose citizens had not asked for our help. That nation’s people were told lies about the reasons for invading. The invaded country is now laid to waste and a civil war is imminent.

The invading country has recently suffered a major natural disaster resulting in a tremendous loss of life (mostly from the class of citizens who made up the invasion force) and property. The response of the government was slow, inadequate and showed the incompetence that should have been apparent after the failed military invasion.

Am I the only one who sees the “natural” justice of Katrina? We disturbed the web of life and now we are paying for it.

Unfortunately, the ones who are really paying for it are the ones most disenfranchised and many are the people who voted this incompetent administration back in office.

It is not about “us vs them”. Not at all. It’s just about “us” – all of us, in every country, of every religion, every race. We’re all in this together.

“When will we ever learn? When will we ever learn?”

Goddess help us all.


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