Monday, July 25, 2005

The Right Thing . . .

. . .sometimes that's hard to do. Sometimes it's easy.

I got the call late. I hadn't picked up my messages one day. The voice on the recording was my ex-husband's and he sounded a bit shakey - he needed a quadruple bypass - open heart surgery. Because his surgery was rescheduled, I was able to be at the hospital the day he went into the operating room.

I know - he's my ex-husband. I could hear the jokes. But I had to be there. He's the father of my only child. A daughter who is 3000 miles away and who would be frantic with worry.

I decided to be there when he went to surgery. It's good to know that someone is waiting for you - even if when you come out, you're sedated and on a ventilator. It's the thought that someone is there - someone cares.

And so I was there - have been there - visiting everyday since he became a member of the "zipper club." I visit for about an hour, walk with him down the hall, listen and joke. Then I go home and call Heather to give her an update on her father's progress.

Sometimes it's easy to do the right thing.
Sometimes you don't even have to think about it.


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