Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Been Busy . . .

. . . reading.

There’s a recent post on this blog about guy-watching at B&N and how I was distracted by – of all things – a book. Well, I’ve been reading that book, The Historian. I finished it Saturday – just in time because Harry was waiting in my mailbox.

Yes, I’m a Harry Potter fan. But more about Harry in a minute. Back to The Historian.

I have two words for this book: Read it! It’s the thinking person’s DaVinci Code. It’s a well-written and intricate story told in letters and narrative and spanning many countries and centuries – from the Cold War to the Ottoman Empire – all in search of Vlad the Impaler – with beautiful prose interwoven into an exciting adventure.

And now for Harry: What can I say? I am not disappointed. I am well into the new Potter Tome and I am happily ensconced in the world of Wizards, Witches, Dumbeldores and ugly house elves. Happy, happy girl am I. I went from Vlad to Harry with nary a skipped beat of the heart.

I am in love. . .
With words, with pages, with books, with anyone who can transport me from Greenwood Avenue to Sofia, to Istanbul, to Hogwarts. Goddess bless ‘em all.


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