Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Good Bye, July!

Good Riddance!

Oh, the month started out great: I was in Gettysburg.
But then I came home.

I came home to an email from one of my regional nurses; she was resigning.
Another regional nurse was in and out of the hospital and finally diagnosed.
My ex-husband had quadruple bypass surgery.
I worked hard to get round trip ticket to Seattle for me and at the same time one-way tickets back to Seattle for Heather and cat, Figaro.
And my back pain returned off and on. Hmmm? Can you say stress?
That was my July.
So I'm gald to see it retreat into the background of 2005, even though it's the title of one of my favorite Dave Fry songs.

And speaking of Dave Fry: I can't even take Musikfest week off this year.
Ahhhhhh - August!

Maybe I can take most of October off - maybe, if I get a replacement for the Director of Nursing at Twin Oaks since the present one will be the new regional nurse and I can't have her until we get her replacement . . . and . . .

At my age my mother was sitting in the middle of West Virginia woods and had less than ten years to live. Maybe early retirement added to her life.

I wonder if it would add to mine.
But I can't retire - need an income, need health benefits . . .

So must get dressed and go to Easton Nursing Center to look into the problem of three residents who are alert, oriented and competent but don't want to bathe.

Ahhhh . . .glamorous job.

To all my friends - online and face to face. The above is why you haven't heard from me in a while. Thanks for your understanding.


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