Sunday, September 18, 2005

I ain't afraid of no ghost!"

Okay, everyone who reads this blog knows I'm a bit "off." Well, more than a bit.
I love to write (hence this blog) but I also like to get money for writing. So I do some freelance work (the "free" in freelance does NOT mean for no payment - just for small payment). Most of my work is done for The Irregular, a monthly newspaper covering arts and culture in the Allentown-Bethlehem-Easton area.

For their October issue I pitched an article on ghost hunting . . .er. . . investigation. And they told me to "run with it." So I did - right to Berks Lehigh Paranormal Society and the Northampton County Paranormal Society and to my friend Katherine Ramsland, PhD and author of Ghost: A Firsthand Account into the World of Paranormal Activity.

Last night I had the opportunity to attend an investigation at the Kutztown Historical Society, a marvelous Victorian building that was once the area school where there have been many accounts of hauntings or unusual activity .

If you want to know if I saw, heard or felt a "presence" - then you will just have to pick up an Irregular.

If you are interested in ghost hunting, go to for a listing of their open investigations in the Lehigh Valley. These public invited events are fundraisers for the group to obtain equipment for future work. This is a nonprofit organization that asks for no fees for their work. In addition to historic buildings the team investigates private homes whose owners are concerned about strange happenings.

Are "ghosts" real? Hmmmmm? I think the jury's out on that one.
Does "something" of us stick around when we are no longer alive? Well, ya gotta discover THAT one for yourself.

But in the words of the great Dr. Peter Venkman: "I ain't afraid of no ghost."


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