Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Too Old for This

It was a long drive over the mountains of Pennsylvania – in rough weather, rain driven by strong winds. I didn’t go to the hotel. I should have. I went directly to the facility – the one that I have scheduled for a mock survey. I walked around the large building doing my environmental tour – walked down long corridors, inside resident rooms and bathrooms. By the time I got back to where my Regional Nurse waited, my spine felt as if it would accordian upon itself. My left leg ached and my knees throbbed.

I sat at the long table and reviewed Incidents and Accident Reports and also Abuse Reports. I report my first report. By 4 PM I had had enough. I went to the hotel.

I was to have a microwave and refrig in the room. At least I had the refrig. But there were not enough outlets so I couldn’t have laptop, lamp and refrig plugged in at the same time. (I was supposed to get a new laptop battery last year – hasn’t showed up yet – I think IT forgot about it) I was frustrated with the laptop and trying to connect to the internet – had to reconfigure my modem several times before I could sign on.

I ordered a delivery supper and couldn’t finish it – pain was just too much. Advil wasn’t touching it tonight. I soaked in a hot tub but everything still ached. I rubbed arthritis cream all over everything – now I hurt AND stink.

I turned off the TV, put on my headphones for my personal CD player and fell asleep to guided meditation.

This morning will be better. But I’ve decided it’s time to go back to the rhuematolgist. The pain is just getting worse.


Blogger hugh said...

Oh working lady, my but you so need a vacation. Why not take it while you are still ambulatory. England and Washington State beckon you like Bali Hai. If anyone deserves it, you do. Go for it Girl while the enjoyment can still be had.
Why not take a couple of days and just go up and sit in the pavilion at Hackett's Park while the leaves change. You need to get your juices flowing once more. You cannot allow the absence of electrical outlets in a hotel room ruin your day!
You cannot allow age to ruin your life. Gather in all of this energy and renew your spirit while you still can. Can you not remember the words of the group you have always held dear?
In my mind there’s no sorrow,
Don’t you know that it’s so,
There’ll be no sad tomorrow,
Don’t you know that it’s so.
There, there’s a place,
Where I can go,
When I feel low,
When I feel blue,
And it’s my mind,
And there’s no time,
When I’m alone.
There, there’s a place,
There’s a place.

10:03 AM  

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