Monday, October 10, 2005

Making a Schedule of a "Fantasy"

Ah, that title sounds very suggestive – but it’s not – not at all.

Pattie and I were discussing writing fulltime as we traveled down I78 home this morning. I’ve decided if I ever have the chance to be a “stay at home” writer, I would work on a schedule. I would make my daily routine as if I were still in the “normal” workforce. I would write every morning, read in the afternoon and then use my evenings for other interests. I would probably write at least five days a week.

I know I would need a schedule. I know I would need a deadline. If I didn't have a schedule and/or deadlines, I would be too easily distracted. The shiny object lying in the middle of the lawn diverts my attention – it’s the crow in me. There are too many things that interest me. I want to research the historical until I know everything about Arthur, Gettysburg, the Burning Times. I wanted to read every new cozy mystery until I can find my own voice. I want to search all author websites for ideas and inspirations. And that’s not even acknowledging the call of the wild – the pull of nature and my need just to sit outside and absorb everything around me.

I think I’ll listen to Stephen King’s On Writing again – he’s always been an inspiration.

I want to stoke the fire in my belly, as Juilene would say. I want to make writing a daily part of my “normal” routine.


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