Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Got your attention?

That's one of the genres I'm working on (in?) these days. There's a huge market for erotic stories by women for women. Finally! So, I thought, "What the hell? Give it a shot?"

And then it hit me. I'm fifty-eight, chubby (cute but still chubby), live alone with three cats and I'm writing erotica. Sort of belies the old writerly chestnut of "Write what you know." It's not that I don't KNOW anything about . . .well . . .sex or erotica (actually two different subjects). It's just lately I'm not a practioner. If you get my drift.

I have a t-shirt from the Valley Forge Romance Writers Chapter of Romance Writers of Amercia. The t-shirt says: Romance Writers DO It and Write about It. Hmmm. False advertising if I wore it now.

So how do I explain my self-imposed celebacy (Oh, get over it! Most women not having sex are having self-imposed celebacy) and the fact that I am writing about sex - writing about love - writing about romance? How do I DO that?

Damn fine memory!


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