Tuesday, October 25, 2005

On vacation

”You are on vacation, right?” A friend asked me that question when she reminded me of something I had forgotten to do.

Yes. I am on vacation. Today is my second day of vacation. Yesterday I wrote 2500 words – that’s ten pages in two different stories. I read. I shopped for my sister’s birthday present and I met said sister for a movie. Today I intend to write more. I want to rearrange my office a bit. I want to read more. Tomorrow I will be at the library researching a possible nonfiction book. I will read. I will write more. Thursday and Friday will be like Wednesday. Yes, I am on vacation but I am working at another job – I’m setting a schedule for myself. I want to discipline myself for the time when writing is my fulltime job.

I’ve spent the last eight weeks on the road for work, staying overnight in hotels at least three days out of five. All those evenings that “regular” people have after work to get home-related duties and chores done – all those evenings are wiped out for me. So when I DO have some time at home, I have to cram all the things I HAVE to do and all the things I WANT to do into a shorter space of time.

“You are on vacation, right?” Well, sort of.
I’m really working and I have a lot of projects that I’m trying to cram into a short space of time – week-wise, year-wise, life-wise.
So forgive me if I forget something.


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