Wednesday, April 07, 2010


Only four days with Heather and not enough time for me but more than enough for her, I'm sure. We both need to be back in our routines - we both love our own lives and our own routines but we love each other, so the best thing would be to live closer - not 3000 miles away. But I accept her decision; it has helped her grow and given me a lovely place to visit.

Will I retire to the Pacific Northwest? Probably not. Would Heather take me? Yep - like yesterday -if there was a "public option" - but that's a blog for another day. Morgan has come into my life with "both barrels" - appropriate metaphor for Morgan - and I am content, happy and well-loved - maybe for the first time in my life. That leaves Heather with the ability to live her own life without the worry of her aging mother - for now.

And I must...must...change how I view my job. It is only a means to a paycheck and only for about another 30 months. I am a writer. I've been a writer for the last 50 years and I will be a writer until I die. In fact, I've already written my own obituary - all writers should write their last article and not leave it to another.

I am a nurse only for 8 hours a day and just because I'm good at it (as I would be good at bagging groceries if that was my job), does not mean it is my LIFE, especially since I NEVER wanted to be a nurse from the beginning. Therefore I'm working on this lesson: what happens at work, stays at work and it's just not that important.

Heather is important.
Morgan is important.
Pattie and her family are important.
Rich is important.
Olivia and Josh are important.
My friends are important.
My writing is important.
I am important.

I am better than the job I go to daily. Therefore, I will learn not to allow it to define me.


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