Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Morgan and the Peacocks - Part 3

Our nightly phone calls now begin with news from Peacock Central.

For years Morgan has been caring for cats who were dumped on his property. Allergies have prevented him from taking them in, but he's cared for them as outside cats, even getting them spayed. He has a feeder at the door to his sun porch and keeps it full for them. This weekend he bought a second feeder for the small porch area- for the peacocks. Yesterday he found the cats eating at their feeder and the peacocks eating at their feeder - a real peaceable kingdom.

In the morning he'd heard two thumps outside his bedroom. First one and then the other had landed on the sun proch roof and were busy looking into the second floor windows. Morgan now imitates their honking for me - lovely. Nosy and noisy birds.


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