Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Morgan and the Peacocks - Part 2

After the movie and dinner Sunday evening we went to Morgan's to check on the peacocks. He'd bought a large automatic cat feeder and wanted to look for the right spot to set it - the right spot for the peacocks. Unfortunately we couldn't see them. I went home without seeing Peter and Penny.

However, Monday morning, both were at Morgan's door honking to be fed. They'd found where Morgan feeds his three cats (all dumped on his property and all fixed by their adopted human)and were quite vocal that they'd finished all the cat food and wanted more.

Saturday I'd met one of Morgan's friends, Jimmy Crater, who has a recycling company and a peacock, Mr. Peabody. Mr. Peabody had wandered onto Jimmy's property one day and stayed. Jimmy tried to convince Morgan that there was a reason for Peter and Penny to arrive. Jimmy, an "aging hippie" with mystical ideas, felt it was because the peacock is the sign of the alchemist - Morgan.

But I think about it being a bonded pair - two peacocks arrived at Morgan's one day. The Alchemist and the Witch - a bonded pair. A sign.

Makes sense - more than anything in a long time.


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