Thursday, March 25, 2010

Morgan and the Peacocks - Part 4: Peacock Stew?

I'm sure there was a brief moment that Morgan must have thought about it when he saw Peter sitting on the hood of his van, leaving peacock scratches. He's now trying to think of things to put over the van to allow the birds to roost on it without leaving their signature. So no peacock stew. But would they taste like pheasant...or turkey?

Morgan said they looked like turkeys flying off in a huff, squawking loudly and ending up on the top roof of his two story farmhouse. He thought something had spooked them and immediately went out with a gun to see what it was. You see, the peacocks are "under the protection of the guns of the fort" - i.e: Morgan's fort...his property. And van hood scratches notwithstanding, nothing will harm those peacocks as long as they're under his protection.

You know, I feel the same way when I'm with him - cared for and protected...
Nice, very nice.


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