Friday, April 03, 2009

3 AM

For the second time in less than a week, I'm up at 3 AM, my head full of ideas.
Maybe it was the sushi and the three glasses of wine I had with the sushi - or, more likely, the two cups of coffee I had to counteract the wine.
Maybe it was the discussion at dinner that triggered ideas for work.
Maybe it was "writing" (or, rather, rewriting) the beginning of Moonstone Magic in my head before I fell asleep and again when I woke up.
Maybe it was thinking that I wanted to go to Curves after work and possibly GLWG's Fire House Friday later in the evening.
Or maybe it was my blog that included the old dream of being Helen Herriott working in a vet's office in the English countryside before WWII that woke me up wondering, "What do you call the person who carts away dead farm animals?" BTW: I can't find it online even though I used the Reverse Dictionary and it's not farrier.
Maybe I just have too many ideas circulating around the old gray cells.

Thank goodness I have nothing scheduled for this weekend except maybe a movie with Olivia and Chelsea.
I have a short story to polish and send out (almost done).
I have a proposal to get ready (the outline of it is done).
I have a full manuscript to review before sending out.
I have the beginning of Moonstone Magic to rewrite for the retreat in May- and that has been going through my head for a week.

The Prologue: Uther taking his son to the wizard. Not that son and not that wizard - a new twist that has me awake in the wee small hours of the morning. I can "see" Uther, rough, huge warrior, tramping through the woods of Dumonia, a babe in his arms. I see the wizard's small hut and smell the burning herbs and feel the old man's displeasure at the King - a bastard son, not Ygraine's. Ygraine's son is with the old wizard's apprentice. Ygraine's son will be king. What will happen to this babe? And so the story of Arthur, his half brother, Vivienne, Guinevere and Merlin's need to provide a heir for Arthur begins.

If brain activity keeps you cognizant, then I will have no problems. I'll be alert and oriented forever - and awake at 3 AM writing.


Blogger Mitzi said...

To Mitz from Mitz

It's "Knackerman" - thanks to Willette who bypassed the internet and called the reference desk at the...gasp! library!.


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