Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The Next Thomas Eagleton?

Flashback: 1972 and McGovern chooses Thomas Eagleton. Before you could say "debate", Eagleton bows out because he had a history of electro-convulsive therapy for depression (a treatment of choice thirty-six years ago).

According to the latest news articles (and I don't care if her daughter IS pregnant - I just don't want a VP pushing her "values" on me), the vetting process has not changed much in the last three decades.

And if she does drop out of the campaign, it will be more of set-back for women in politics than Hillary's primary loss. It will just show that women are chosen (by some men) for superficial reasons.

It's all so sad. There were so many conservative Republican women who have the experience and would have been much better picks. If you really think about it, McCain choosing Palin was a huge slap in the face to them.

So sad and a huge step backwards for women in politics.


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