Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Doing the right thing....

...is sometimes emotionally exhausting. And some people wonder why I do it.

Heather's dad is back in the hospital, needing another stent. I am, again, the go-to person for him. The rest of his family (I guess even after almost 28 years of being divorced, I'm still "family") is on vacation hundreds of miles away. And of course, Heather, is 3000 miles away.

I didn't do anything physically for him yesterday - just phone calls to him and then to Heather - waiting for some insurance bureaucrat to decide if his health insurance will pay for him to be transported to another hospital for the cardiac cath and the stent.

The crappy part of it all is he works for a hospital but it doesn't have a cath lab. The hospital has a weird health insurance plan that seems to state that everyone must be treated at that hospital - unless they don't have the ability (as in maternity - they just closed their maternity unit). So Heather's father waits with intermittent chest pain while bureaucrats decided where they will send him.

With all of that, my ex-husband needed a friend. Why wouldn't I do the right thing?
He'd do it for me.


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