Thursday, July 03, 2008

Impressions during Vacation

1.Each year I learn more about the Battle, about the town, about the aftermath
2. Just read a book about Catharine Mary Hewitt (Google her if you have no clue and most don't)
3. I like the changes on the Battlefield - bringing it back to how it looked in 1863

1.For the week I could give up make-up but not the internet - at The Ragged Edge, a cyber cafe on Chambersburg Road in Gettysburg. I must enjoying keeping touch or else, I'm just plain nosy.
2. I spend more on books than I do on food.
3. I have not once checked work email! What a big change! I am so proud.
4. Jeff Shaara was here in The Ragged Edge and I didn't ask for an autograph (already have one on a book - may get his latest) - but if it had been Stephen King...

1. Watched a mother with three children juggle ordering and grabbing breakfast for everyone, including her husband who was sitting comfortably out on the cafe's porch. WTF?
2. We are a nation of overweight people - I am so glad that I eat less on one of these trips than I usually do.
3. Along with the above - lots of chubby ladies with gentleman. Sometimes I wonder what's wrong with me and would love to have someone to enjoy the adventure (whichever one) with me. And then I think of Mark who professed a love of history but would never come to Gettysburg with me. Do I want to be beholding to another's foibles? It may be too late in life and I may be too set in my ways.
4.Right now watching an older lady walking down Chambersburg Street - she's wearing a purple hat and purple leggings with purple shoes. Bless her.

Gettysburg, reprise:
1. I'm comfortable here - maybe too comfortable.
2. Spend way too much time driving around the Battlefield - and too much time at the Reynolds Monument. John Fulton Reynolds will be the Ghost to Elizabeth Peacock's Mrs. Muir.


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