Sunday, August 24, 2008


...not, not THAT kind.

I'm moving so I'm getting rid of stuff - lots of stuff.
Almost thirty bags of books to the library for their book sale.
Five boxes of books to one of our nursing homes to start their own library.
Bags of books to friends at work.
Bags of clothes and shoes being tossed or given away.

The move is a relatively small one - just to the next county but it's necessary for my sanity. I'll have a first floor apartment with an enclosed patio where I can plant anything I want without the landlord digging it up or throwing it out. I'll be less than five minutes from work - no more driving in rush hour traffic on Rt. 22 - where a young mother-to-be on her way home from work was just killed by someone going the wrong way. I'll be closer to my best friend.

But moving is a reason to toss, to re-evaluate, to get out of my comfort zone.
It's the first step towards the BIG move in a few years - the one across the country.

I'll smudge the new place after I smudge the old - to make sure none of the negativity hovering around Greenwood Avenue follows me. I'll scatter pure tobacco along the patio and my very small patch of ground. I'll design a tiny English garden and set stones along the fence so the cats can enjoy the outside with getting out.

I'm purging so my life will feel better.
I feel better doing this.
I'm even losing weight.
See purges DO help you lose weight - all types of purges.


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