Thursday, April 24, 2008

An RN's Responsibility

Let's be clear about something.
In a nursing home, it does take many disciplines to care for the residents: dietary, housekeeping, social service, etc.
However, there is one discipline that has to take over the other disciplines if they are not available (as in off shifts or weather emergencies).
That is the nurse - usually the RN - who is also supposed to assume the role of Nursing Home Administrator when he/she is not available.
That is not reversible.
No dietary aide can do what an RN does.
No activity aide can do what an RN does.
No housekeeper can do what an RN does.
The RN, when other departments are not available, has the responsibility of his/her profession and all the others when it is necessary to care for the facility's residents.

I know - I once made breakfast for 115 residents in the middle of an ice storm.


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