Friday, May 11, 2007

History Geek

I'll be in Gettysburg for two weekends this summer: one long weekend for the free history lectures at the Rupp House and one long weekend for the reenactment.

I'm a history geek, hence the lectures.

Elizabeth Peacock will be a reluctant reenactor in "Elizabeth Peacock and the Ghost of Heartbreak Hotel"; hence the reenactment.

For the first weekend I'll be staying at the Farnsworth House Inn - very haunted - and I'll be in the old house - the one where Confederate snipers took refuge with one possibly killing Jennie Wade. The Farnsworth House is a block away from the Rupp House. I'm pitching an article about the Rupp House to the History Channel magazine.

For the second weekend I'll be staying with Nancy at the Gettysburg Cottages off Mumasburg Road. I need that location because Elizabeth will be staying at a fictional - and haunted - B&B on Mumasburg Road.

I'm already getting excited and it's 2 months away.

Yep - history geek.
The picture is of early morning mists across the area of Longstreet's Advance to Cemetery Ridge.


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