Saturday, October 29, 2005

Missing England

I've been thinking about England lately - actually missing England. It's almost a homesickness that comes over me sometimes. In ten years I've been to England four times. The first time I traveled alone - it was one of those, "If I wait for someone to go with me, I'll never go" trips. When the plane landed at Heathrow I felt a sense of homecoming - that never left.

I am drawn to two places - Glastonbury in Somerset and Cornwall. I've been to glastonbury twice - the first time I spent one week in the town. I visited the Tor (the picture is a view of the Glastonbury area from atop the Tor) and the Chalice Well Gardens many times. I walked Magdalene and High Streets as if I was more than a visitor - and maybe I was. I saw Geoffrey Ashe in the Glastonbury Tea Room and was too scared to talk to him - afraid to talk to one of the most famous Arthurian scholars.

I've been thinking about England lately - missing England. Missing home?


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