Saturday, February 02, 2008

Doing too much...

I was in Williamsport last week for a seminar on the new long term care survey process. Not a lot of fun. At least I spent the night in Bloomsburg, so I got some rest. That weekend was especially busy - with a writers group meeting added to the usual chores.

This week I traveled to Pittsburgh but road with Frank and Mike (his driver). We left around 3 PM to go to Mercersburg where we spent the night in one of Frank's homes - the Lane House (owned by President Buchanan's mother). It's like spending a night in a museum/art gallery. Next morning up early for the ride to Pittsburgh and then a trip back to Allentown that afternoon. That was with all the other stuff going on at work.

To say I couldn't wait for the weekend is an understatement. I wanted Saturday and Sunday to do what I wanted - so Friday when I got home, I cleaned the apartment - did all my weekend chores except buying the groceries. I did that this morning - then went shopping for myself!

Now I have low back pain - I'm sitting on the sofa - back against it's supportive cushions, my laptop table pulled close to me so I can write.

There's just so much to do and so little time...


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