Friday, January 25, 2008

One of my favorite quotes:

"You're never too old to become what you were meant to be..."
George Eliot

So maybe I'm too old to get my BA and then my MA and then my PhD...
But I'm not too old to follow a of many.
I love English history - especially the Arthurian and Tudor eras.
I've just finished listening to The Boelyn Inheritance by Philippa Gregory. I have a new perspective and respect of Anne of Cleves. As written by Gregory, she was an independent woman who luckily escaped the Tower Green and the axe.
The three voices of "Inheritance" were Katherine Howard (Henry's 5th wife), Jane Boelyn (sister-in-law to Anne) and Anne of Cleves...the only one of the three to survive. She became an independent single woman who stayed in her adopted country and outlived the tyrant who was Henry VIII
The last line of the book is Anne's and mentions freedom and how important it s to a woman.

So here's to all the "Annes" out there - like Anne of Cleves, who became what she was meant to be...all along.

And here's to Mitzi who continues to read, write and research without the BA, MA and PhD.


Anonymous steph said...

Mitzi, I know what you mean about feeling like it's too late to get your degrees, I've been at it for 40 years and life keeps getting in the way! I have enjoyed Phillipa Gregory's books as well, because I love that era of history, between the 13th & the 16th centuries. In reading much about the era from good historical fiction, I took my research a little further and discovered my family tree was on the net at It was very exciting to discover my whole family history which went back to the 1400! And the last name on family tree that we had traced back to was Jasper Tudor, who was, as you know, son of Owen Tudor and Katherine of Valois, half brother to Henry the VII, the first of the House of Tudor!

Keep writing, though god knows why we do it... come visit my new blog and post something... at and keep your chin up.

You're never too old until they've got you in a hole six feet under...!

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