Monday, January 28, 2008

Economic Stimulus

I'll be one of the ones getting a "rebate" whenever the Senate decides how it's going to change what the House has already passed. $600 if the House has its way. $500 if it's the Senate (who want to include seniors on Social Security). Personally, I'm rooting for the Senate.

Now what to do with this windfall.

I want a new carry-all for my laptop - something cool. But they're not usually made in the U.S.

Clothes? Not made in the U.S.

Shoes? Same as above.

Okay, then some books? Nope. Too many I haven't read already.

Put it on my credit card debt? No credit card debt.

So, how do I put my money back into the economy?
Maybe I should just buy $500 worth of lottery tickets. The money will stay in PA, going to the senior citizens of my state. And I may get lucky.

Sounds like a good idea to do with some "found" money.


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