Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Friends of a Feather
I usually hear them as I get into my car in the morning. They caw at me from atop a large tree – three, four, five – dark and brooding-like against a gray sky.

Today they weren’t there and I thought about that as I drove to work – thought about how I missed them this morning. It wasn’t that I hadn’t heard their caw; I always listen for and hear them. They just weren’t there and I wondered about that.

Then this morning they were outside my office – probably not “my” crows, not the ones who greet me enthusiastically every morning – but large, black, iridescent crows, bobbing and sashaying around the grass. I hardly ever see crows outside my office, but there they were – five big ones.

After a busy and intense morning, seeing some old friends made me smile, made me happy. They reminded me what is truly important to me. And because of that, I’ll have a much better afternoon.


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