Friday, August 17, 2007

A forehead slap to me

Okay - so I'm a bit depressed.
Can you say rollercoaster of a summer?
Long work days.
Daughter with melanoma.
Abbreviated "celebritory" cruise.
Summer heat.
Feeling tired.

Driving to the Poconos for work, I couldn't even get interested in a Cat Who audiobook - something was very wrong with me.
When things get bad, writers....uh....WRITE, you dummy.
I pulled into one of those ubiquitous food mart/gas stations, got a bottle of water, took out my constant companion - a notebook - and wrote.
Result: I started back on the road in a better frame of mind, enjoying Qwill, KoKo, YumYum and various disasters in Moose County, four hundred miles north of everywhere.


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