Tuesday, August 14, 2007


So Karl Rove is leaving government service to spend more time with his family and to gradually return to Texas.

I have a question that no one seems to have asked: How can he do this financially?

I know government employees don't get paid a lot (not enough to bankroll several years of gradual return).
Will he get a huge advance for a book that's still a gleam in his beady eye?
Did he get money from supporters?
Will he go on the conservative speakers circuit?
Did he invest well?
And how about health insurance for him and his family? Will the US taxpayer continue to pay that or will he have enough income to cover a private plan.

Can I resign from my job so I can write and still have money to support myself? No.
Can I resign from my job and still have health insurance? Only for 18 months and I'm paying for that.

How can Karl Rove do it while Mitzi Flyte cannot?
I've worked as an RN for almost 40 years - doing some things that would be sure to roil Mr. Rove's stomach. I've cared for the psychotic, the elderly, the badly burned, the greatly disfigured. And yet, his work and time seem to be valued more highly than mine.

What a system we have - what a double standard.
And yes - I was financially able to go to Alaska - I certainly earned the trip and I paid for it with money I earned through hard, honest work.
Like I said - double standard.


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