Wednesday, August 15, 2007

"They told you your dreams were crazy...

...but that didn't stop you." So says Dennis Hopper (or words to that effect) on an Ameriprise Commercial.

Well, they told me my dreams were crazy and that did stop me.
I was a good girl and did what my parents wanted me to do - move away and go to nursing school and now I'm stuck.

Stuck in a job I don't enjoy - a job where I make too much money to quit and have too little education to do something else.

Cap - $10
White shoes - $40
White uniform - $50
No pension, no 401K for the first 30+ years, lumbar stenosis with a slipped disc and cleaning up other people's excrement and bodily fluids for 40 years - f**n' priceless.

Can you tell I'm having a bad day?


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