Saturday, August 12, 2006


No politcial commentary.
No smart remarks about celebrities.
No pleadings to Paul McCartney.
No cute pictures.

Just a simple comment. I'm tired.
Physically, mentally and emotionally drained. My job has wrung me dry. I have nothing else to give. I cannot do my job and be the "sixth"Regional Nurse (since that position)was eliminated). I cannot drive three to four hours round trip and do my work in the facility several days a week.

I've been to Musikfest three times this week and all three times my back ached from the day's work and I went home early. I will rest in between household chores this weekend so I can start all over again on Monday.

I see no the the work problems (no nursing staff to be had) the pain (I do NOT want surgery or epidural injections because of the risks of both - paralysis) which is aggravated by my job.

So, like Alice's Red Queen, I just keep running in place - because I can't stop - there's no one to catch me.


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