Sunday, July 30, 2006

Paranoid? Me?

Well, maybe after today - especially if someone is checking my keystrokes and websites. Ah, hell - the FBI, CIA, NSA et all probably have a dossier on me already - especially after Randy and I sneaked out of an Irish music concert when the band starting singing about killing the Queen. We had NO idea years ago - we just liked Irish music.

But, I digress, as women my age are wont to do. I just finished reading (who said reading is a safe activity?) Jim Marrs's book Inside Job: Unmasking the 9/11 Conspiracies* and I wasn't ready to believe everything (or even part of it - how could I, good little American that I am). I decided to do a web search for some of the noted resources. Okay - all were there right where Jim said they were and saying right what Jim said they were saying. Okay. Okay.
But was there really a big Bush family take-over-the-world conspiracy (and anyway, I thought that was the Kennedys, but I digress again)?

So I decided to Google "Bush Conspiracy" thinking I would find sites for and against.
Here's what I found on Wikiopedia (I added the bold):

Bush family conspiracy theory
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Oh, well - I'm not saying one thing or the other - just that I found it tres interesting - tres.

I think I'll finish Jim Marrs's Alien Agenda - at least the aliens can't get websites deleted. Or can they?

* says the book is not available. Huh?


Blogger fly navy said...

Whew! Glad I read the whole thing…..I was ready to lump you in with all the 9/11 conspiracy nut-jobs! I have spent hours and hours online jousting with those pinheads. Having been working at the Pentagon on 9/11, and having lost a good friend who was in the Navy Command Center that took a direct hit, I can tell you that much of what they spout as gospel has been proven untrue over and over…( small hole in the Pentagon at the impact site…..definitely not true……not enough aircraft debris……DEFINITELY not true!). All the aircraft debris was moved to the South Parking lot for forensic investigation where it took up most of several acres of parking space. While I believe a skeptical look at government is always warranted, regardless of which party is in power….the political hay these people are trying to make is truly sick. Everything they spout has been seriously debunked over and over. As for the Bush global conspiracy…come on….GHW Bush seems pretty content to go globe hopping with his new best buddy Slick Willy, and jump out of an airplane once a year. Seems pretty content in his retirement…..and if you think Dubya is smart enough to pull off what Hitler, Lenin, and Napoleon couldn’t… give him way too much credit. And believe me….having worked on the periphery of NSA intelligence collection for most of 30 years, I can assure you they are using what limited resources they have going after real threats, and not bloggers who spout the occasional anti-government line.

9:14 AM  
Blogger LadyLit said...

Oh, so there's no dossier on me??
I am crushed - crushed!
I was hoping it was next to Lennon's - that's L-e-n-n-o-n. Not the "other" one.

And I really don't think W has the balls to carry off a 'false flag' op - but Uncle Dick sure does.

And BTW: so glad you got out of that horrible day OK

6:46 PM  
Blogger exsailor said...

What a day it was! Because of the traffic trying to escape downtown and the emergency responses, I couldn't get my car out and took the Metro home and had my wife pick me up at New Carrolton.. When my car didn't show up, all the neighbors freaked out and wondered if I was one of the casualties. I finally got a company move to southern Virginia a few years later. My wife was very nervous having me working in DC after that. Just great. Now I work at the premier Air Force fighter base, and across from the world's largets Naval base. No targets here!!

8:41 PM  
Blogger fly navy said...

Don't know why it posted me under a different name. But the "exsailor" comment was mine.......

8:45 PM  

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