Wednesday, July 26, 2006

There are no open spaces any longer.
I remember driving from Easton to Bethlehem along William Penn Highway less than twenty years ago and being able to see vast green fields between small developments. There were still family farms in Bethlehem Township then. I’m afraid that those farms are becoming the agricultural dinosaur of the 21st Century – gone, extinct, destroyed by the meteor impact of the……..McMansion!

How can a farmer realistically continue to farm and pay taxes on acres and acres of land when there are developers (in our area Ashley Development is a BIG one) that are willing to pay top dollar for their spread. Of course the developers immediately divide that land into small parcels which yield a bumper crop of large, cookie-cutter, multiple bedroom, media-roomed, wrap-around-deck, granite-counter-top homes.

Am I the only one who finds it odd, very odd, that as our families shrink in size, our houses are growing? Does a family with two children REALLY need a ten room home…excuse me, ten room, three bath, one finished basement and attached three car garage home? Especially when our green space is slowly being replaced by concrete and streets and sewers and these eyesores? Especially when there are so many people in our own country without decent housing – it’s almost obscene when you think of it like that.

But Karma has a way of working things out:
Big executive from Mega corporation is getting big bucks by downsizing workers and layoffs. Big Exec gets Big Bonus in company stock. Big Exec buys McMansion. Since many workers have been laid off they can no longer afford housing and become homeless. Unemployed workers can no longer afford to buy the goods produced by the few remaining employees of Mega Corp. Mega Corp stock drops before Big Exec can maneuver a buy-out. Bank forecloses on Big Exec’s McMansion. Lots of McMansion foreclosures all over the country as Mega Corps everywhere die. Lots of homeless ex-employees. Lots of empty McMansions. The Federal Government finally steps in and assumes control of the empty McMansions which becoming housing for the homeless. Ex-Big Exec, now also homeless, moves back into his old McMansion – into one bedroom because he and his family now share it with five other families.
What comes around……………………………


Blogger fly navy said...


Although I sympathize with your point regarding urban sprawl, I don't see much of what you cite as a problem. I don't know where all these unemployed homeless folks are sprouting. What I see is the lowest unemployment rates in a generation. In fact, we have so much work available that a flood if illegals take menial jobs, unfortunately artificially holding down wages. I don't see Mega Corp Exec running into kharma anytime soon. Apparently, the free market system is alive and well in DC. I saw an article in the Wash Post online a few weeks ago that should worry McMansion builders. Apparently, due to the high cost of housing in the DC market, homebuyers are looking for smaller homes with the square footage required for their families...and nothing more. Smaller homes are in high demand and are depressing the selling prices of the larger homes.'s a wonderful thing! Just an observation from the right.

7:59 PM  
Blogger LadyLit said...

Well, Look around, dear and maybe you will see the writing on the walls of the McMansions. Housing contruction is down, buying is down. And foreclosures are....hmmmm.. rising? Employment is GREAT - "You want fries with that?" Jobs that pay low wages and have no health benefits should not be that yardstick.

Oh, well - it was just a silly thought from a silly old woman. I didn't say it WOULD happen - just a scenario. In fact, the more likely future is for all the huge houses to stand empty - a testament to gluttony on every level.

As for me - I'm thinking of downsizing - even more than my small two bedroom.

One day - one day soon, we may need to do just that.

Just a thought.

Besides - I'm using the premise for a short story. I have another short story in the works - about the last green space being a media strip on a huge highway and the man who lives there.

Thanks for the comment - I may not agree but I will defend your right to disagree with me.

Blessings and stay cool - remember there is no such thing as global warming. Ahem...


9:11 AM  
Blogger LadyLit said...

PS - The demand for smaller house maybe coming from us baby boomers who are downsizing.


9:13 AM  

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