Monday, June 01, 2009

The Saga of theTopsy-Turvy Tomatoes - Part One

Yesterday I planted the world-renown Tospy-Turvy Tomatoes.
Rich put the hanging hook up with cordless screwdriver, so I don't think the weight of the tomatoes will drag it down.
It's next to a fence, so when the vines begin to grow, I can drape them on the fence.
I am looking forward to juicy tomatoes all summer. In fact, I keep looking outside to see if any have magically appeared. They haven't.
There will be pictures of the progress - for any Tomato Fans or Topsy-Turvy Fans or Summer Fun Fans.
Yeah, I know - my "fun" is mild and limited to watching tomatoes grow....and writing about it.
Little things mean a lot these days.

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