Thursday, May 07, 2009

The Daily Numbers...

...not the lottery, but the daily numbers of the number of people with the H1N1 virus are being shown on the news - and updated frquently. So many in this state, so many in another state. So far one death in the U.S., and a tragic one, a 23 month old.

It makes me wonder if we would be as attentive and concerned if we would be getting, just as regularly, the daily numbers of:

1. Woman and children killed in domestic violence
2. Elderly abused by someone close to them
3. People who die because they have no health insurance
4. People who are homeless
5. Children who are abused

What's the difference?
Any one of us can catch the H1N1 virus.
Almost no one believes any of the above will happen to us.


Anonymous Richard Coleman said...

I would add one related category - those dying because they can't afford to live.

9:01 PM  
Blogger Chris Casey said...

I would like to smack the MSM for overblowing this threat. Unlike the NRA, there is no "Right to have the Flu" lobby

7:03 PM  
Anonymous Richard Coleman said...

The big problem with the groups of people mentioned is that, heretofore, they have been essentially faceless to a public and a government that places little value of people they see at the periphery of our culture.

Immigrants, legal or illegal, are generally at the end of the lien for just about anything in our society. There are those who wink at domestic violence against women and children with a tut-tut that maybe they deserved it or he was provoked. And of course the millions of abortions every year testify to our placing of so little value on human life.

1:31 PM  

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